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Enter K

a Studio release
Peter Hammill

Release Year: 1982

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1982 LP Naive 1
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 10/26/2003 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 1/6/2011 1:04:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Paradox Drive
  2. The Unconscious Life
  3. Accidents
  4. The Great Experiment
  5. Don't Tell me
  6. She Wraps It Up
  7. Happy Hour
  8. Seven Wonders
Peter Hammill
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Nic Potter
John Ellis
Guy Evans
David Jackson

Reviewed by Marc on 27 Oct 2003

In my opinion, Enter K is the first Hammill album on which can be detected a slight slip, inspiration wise. Already on Sitting Targets there were a few songs that did not do it for me, but on Enter K it seems that a good song is immediately followed by a not so good one. In a more global perspective, this would become the norm for Hammill's projects to come... a good one followed by a not so good one. Still, about half the tracks on Enter K are quite good, especially Accidents that is a knockout of a song.

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