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Volume One (The Soft Machine)

a Studio release
Soft Machine

Release Year: 1968

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1968 LP
1968 One Way 22064
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  1. Hope for Happiness - 4:21
  2. Joy of a Toy - 2:50
  3. Hope for Happiness - 1:38
  4. Why Am I So Short? - 1:38
  5. So Boot If at Al - 7:24
  6. A Certain Kind - 4:11
  7. Save Yourself - 2:25
  8. Priscilla - 1:03
  9. Lullabye Letter - 4:43
  10. We Did It Again - 3:46
  11. Plus Belle Qu'une Poubelle - 1:01
  12. Why Are We Sleeping? - 5:33
  13. Box 25/4 Lid - :49
Robert Wyatt
Bass, Guitar, Cello, Drums, Vocals
Mike Ratledge
Organ, Electric Piano
Kevin Ayres

Reviewed by Eric on 01 Mar 2004

For those who have only heard Soft Machine’s Third or any of their later work, the first two Soft Machine albums might be a difficult listen, unless of course you find psychedelic musics of interest. The truth is there is plenty of the jazz rock stylings Soft Machine would become better known for later on, just not on the level you would expect. This is a delightful album from a band that played with Pink Floyd on numerous occasions during this era at the legendary UFO club and toured the US with Jimi Hendrix. In other words they were in the thick of the UK psych/ experimental scene. Wish I could develop a time machine.....