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Ash Ra Tempel

a Studio release
Ash Ra Tempel - Ashra - Manuel Göttsching

Release Year: 1971

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1971 LP
LP: Ohr Records
CD: Spalax (MP 14244) 1991
The self-titled debut album consists of 2 songs occupying each side of the vinyl release. The first track, Amboss is agressive guitar based music while the second track Traummaschine is more like it's translated name - Dream Machine.
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  1. Amboss - 19:40
  2. Traummaschine - 25:24
Manuel Gottsching
Klaus Schulze
Hartmut Enke

Reviewed by Eric on 15 Mar 2007

Geezus, what were these guys on? Ok, maybe I am the wrong guy to review this, but I own the CD which I never play, or should I say- rarely play and today it sounds as confused and unfocused as ever. I like my Eloy plugged into Jane with the occasional side of Popul Vuh, but this stuff totally blows my mind which is probably the point. Ash Ra Tempel took psychedelics to a new level and made the The Beatles in ’67 look like school boys. There’s no melody here per say, just a lot of spacey jamming going on and a good example why I find the Krautrock movement so distasteful not to mention over rated. Harsh? No, I am sure there are hundreds of you that groove on this type of thing and more power to ya! Me? My copy will finally be going for sale shortly....