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Live In Europe [DVD]

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2003

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Recorded in Tilburg, The Netherlands

Added To Proggnosis Database on: 9/10/2003 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Duel With The Devil (26:00)
  2. My New World (16:20)
  3. We All Need Some Light (6:41)
  4. Suite Charlotte Pike Medley (30:00)
  5. Stranger In Your Soul (30:36)
  6. All Of The Above (30:19)
  1. Tour Documentary
  2. Shine on you Crazy Diamond
  3. Photo gallery

    Edition to DeLuxe Box

    1. Duel With the Devil (26:00)
    2. My New World (16:20)
    3. We All Need Some Light (6:41)
    4. Suite Charlotte Pike Medley (30:00)
    1. Stranger In Your Soul (30:36)
    2. All of the Above (30:19)
  4. Mike Portnoy
    Drums and Vocals
    Neal Morse
    Pete Trewavas
    Bass - Vocals
    Roine Stolt
    Guest Member:
      Daniel Gildenlow
      Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

    Reviewed by Nuno on 02 Oct 2003

    Transatlantic is one of the most known and successful SuperBands in progressive world today. They are formed with members from Dream Theater – Mike Portnoy, Marillion – Pete Trewavas, The Flower Kings – Roine Stolt and ex-Spocks Beard – Neal Morse. In this album (and the tour during which this album was recorded) they are joined by Pain of Salvation’s – Daniel Gildenlow.
    With such a stellar membership, it is only natural that fans expect a great deal in terms of musical quality and brilliant performance. Even though the opinions tend to vary a lot about this bands resulting musicality.
    While I must confess that their studio albums are not that much impressive to my likes, with their live performances I am conquered and driven to conclude very positively about this musicians ability to provide fantastic music.

    While an hybrid between the original bands from which the members hail, the fact is that Transatlantic’s music sounds majority reminiscent to that of Spocks Beard, making me believe of the overgrown influence of Neal Morse when it comes to songwriting. Despite that, if you take the drumming, familiar and natural connections to the sound of Dream Theater are quite obvious.
    In the good progressive tradition, this double album features only the opus tracks from this band’s studio albums. With the exception of the 7 minute shivering We all need some light, dedicated to the city of New York and the terrorist acts that changed the life and shape of the city that never sleeps, all the other tracks are way above the 15 minute mark.
    When talking about recognized quality musicians, the least you can expect is flawless and accurate playing, and that is in fact, what most definitely stands out in this album. More than the entertaining and swirling epic tracks, it is the performance of the players that amazes me the most. There is excitement, energy and, most of all, dedication and joy to the music they are playing. And that, on its own, makes the buying of this record worthwhile.

    Also available in DVD, this album is really a good choice for fans of this band, but also for those who like Spocks Beard, the latest solo work by Neal Morse, and those who simply like good contemporary prog, that does not necessary rely on the historic leanings of 70’s prog but try and accomplishes to bring something new to the genre. Not widely complex (though fairly pretentious like prog is supposed to be) but still a very enjoyable, uncompromised listen. This comes highly recommended, and I do prefer it when compared to their studio albums.

    Reviewed by Ronald on 08 Dec 2003

    First of all its been a true loss that Transatlantic stopped performing. So now that we have this dvd release. And is in one word fantastic. From the beginning to the end.

    This special edition is a great package to buy and to treasure forever. It’s gives me hope in the dark days to come. I can say nothing less than a great effort and all the fans should have this in their collection.
    All the performing artists are perfect and we can see showmanship pur sang at work here. My own personal favorite is "My New World". Because it shows how good these guys were.