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The Relayer Album

a Studio release

Release Year: 1977

Date Label Catalog # Comments
USA /HSR /1979
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  1. X-4019
  2. The Bluf
  3. Cripplegate
  4. Ride that rain
  5. The Introduction
  6. Three years gone
  7. Proverbial Balls
  8. It really doesn't matter
  9. Sorry they held up your train
Tim Munson
keyboards, vocals
Guy Schwartz
bass, guitar, vocals
    Win Landureth
    Michael Knust
    guitar, percussion
    Mike Rayburn
    drums, percussion
    Roger Tausz
    Link Davis, Jr
    Stevie Webb

Reviewed by DBSilver on 02 Sep 2003

Not to be confused with another Relayer band of US origin, this band had a very unique sound - sort of ELP meets Yes meets texas rock n' roll. An original mix to be sure including hints of Solution at times, and just straight forward radio-ready AOR rock at others. At times the music is not fused and instead this album actually sounds like songs by 2 different bands one a Southern Rock band who makes heavy use of keys - and other times - the ELP sounding band.

Tim Munson and Guy Schwartz - joined for a while by Win Landureth as the band's core released this album of Munson-Schwartz compositions - selected from 3 to 4 albums worth of material. It seems when listening that the music stretches out over a period of years - at least that is my explaination for the diversity of sounds on this album.

This is a band who had potential - demonstrated clearly in this album (not available on CD) but that potential is not fully realized here. There are indications that Guy Schwartz would make his fame as a blues guitar player and the cross-breeding of the sounds and styles on this recording are certainly among the most original I have ever heard. Of course 1977 was in the midst of the end of this kind of prog music and the members went on to other music. A shame because this rather unusual mixture of influences deserved further exploration. The Relayer Album is certainly worthwhile for collectors but not essential.

Reviewed by Eric on 02 Sep 2003

Agreeing with DB Silver, Relayer offered up a good album of progressive rock, but not essential. I have heard some of the remaining material from the groups various sessions as I was involved in a failed attempt to bring this album to CD a few years back while working with another label. That material was a cross section of progressive rock and AOR similar to what we have here, although in hindsight I feel the band were just too all over the map musically. They would have been better off sticking to one style as they had enough material to create a much better progressive rock album.

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