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Rings of Earthly Light

a Studio release
Eris Pluvia

Release Year: 1991

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Musea, FGBG 4048 AR
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  1. Rings of Earthly Light
  2. In the Rising Mist
  3. The Broken Path
  4. Glares of Mind
  5. Pushing Together
  6. You'll Become Rain
  7. The Way Home
Alessandro Serri
voice, electric and acoustic guitars, and flute
Paolo Raciti
piano and keyboards
Edmondo Romano
recorder flute, saxophone, and backing vocals
Marco Forella
bass and acoustic guitar
Martino Murtas
drums and percussion
Valeria Caucino
vocals (1c)
Enrico Paparella
acoustic guitar (3)
Alessandro Cavatorti
acoustic guitar (4)
Sabrina Quarelli
violin (4 & 7)