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Unplugged At The Walls

a Live release

Release Year: 1999

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Racket Records
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 4/10/2001 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 11/17/2010 12:35:00 AM by: Rob
    Disc 1
  1. Beautiful
  2. Beyond You
  3. Afraid of Sunrise
  4. Runaway
  5. Now She'll Never Know
  6. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury
  7. The Space
  8. Fake Plastic Trees
  9. Holloway Girl
  10. King
    Disc 2
  1. The Answering Machine
  2. Gazpacho
  3. Cannibal Surf Babe
  4. Blackbird
  5. Abraham Martin and John
  6. Hooks in You
  7. 80 Days
Steve Hogarth
Mark Kelly
Ian Mosley
Steve Rothery
Pete Trewavas

Reviewed by Nuno on 01 Dec 2000

Somethings seem that they are made for some specific purpose...
I heard this album for the first time after a very stressfull working day. All I wanted was to lay down in bed in my dark, quiet room and relax. I loaded cd1 in the stereo and put my phones on...
If you exclude the crowd noise in each song intermission, this first Cd is all you will need to mend your bad mood and repair the soul bruises for another day.
That is how i felt while listening to CD1 of this Marillion masterpiece. Songs are moody, relaxing and they flow like water in a smooth, quiet stream. Steve Hogarth vocals are better than ever and they really add the extra quality to the already fantastic musicallity of other band members.
After a while, I was feeling like floating over my bed, as in an Astral Sleep, somewhere between myself and the unknown...
As this CD was growing on me like a SuperNova Star, Marillion served me with an interpretation of one of my favourite Radiohead songs, Fake Plastic Tree. Could this get better??
In the end of this first cd, i had crossed the Universe sitting on an asteroid, lighten by some of the brightest stars.
CD2 is different, a bit faster and the unplugged feeling is somehow lost, but then my mood is already drastically altered and I feel ready to face the world again. This CD2 doenst match, by any means, the first and some of the luminous feelings that i had gained hearing the first Cd tend to fade a little.
In my opinion, this is an album that must be heard in the apropriate conditions and will not have the same effect if listened to in bright daylight, with the stereo screaming out to the world. But you just might have a different opinion, and that's fine for me.

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