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Missing Pieces

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Talk Talk

Release Year: 2001

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Released: Pond Life
A collection of outtakes, singles and bits and pieces of the groups later period.
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Entry Last Updated on: 2/27/2019 12:06:00 AM by: Rob
  1. After The Flood
  2. Myrrhman
  3. New Grass
  4. Stump
  5. Ascension Day
  6. 5:09
  7. Piano
Mark Hollis
Vocal Guitar Piano Organ
Lee Harris
Mark Feltham
Martin Ditcham
Tim Friese Greene
Organ Piano Harmonium
Levine Andrade
Stephen Tees
George Robertson
Gavyn Wright
Jack Glickma
Garfield Jackson
Wilf Gilbson
Simon Edwards
Acoustic Bass
Ernest Mothle
Acoustic Bass
Rodger Smith
Paul Kegg
Henry Lowther
Trumpet Flugelhorn
Dave White
Contra bass Clarinet

Reviewed by Eric on 22 Nov 2003

A beautifully presented disc of unreleased, and extended versions from the previous two Talk Talk albums- Spirit Of Eden and Laughing Stock. As both releases were highly progressive, I recommend starting with these as well as The Colour Of Spring prior to seeking this CD out. Taken on it’s own, Missing Pieces is a fine addition to any collection and a wonderful postscript to one of the most innovative bands the 1980’s had to offer.

Reviewed by Marc on 17 Dec 2003

On Missing Pieces you get four alternate versions of songs from the last two (and most progressive) Talk Talk albums and three instrumental improvisations.

Three of the four songs are quite interesting, giving "Keyboard-bass-guitar-drums" only versions of the more dressed original pieces.The other song "Ascension Day" is very similar to the original and ends abruptly.

As for the instrumentals, two of them are quite interesting, reminding me a bit of what The Fower Kings like to do : improvs in a somewhat fusion style. The last instrumental, a piano only improvisation, is, in my opinion, an insult to the listener. It sounds like someone who has never played the piano before, trying to hit combinations of keys that will sound good together, this done in a very slow and reflective way.

Still, there is enough good music on Missing Pieces to add it to your Talk Talk catalogue. Just consider you have bought a 6 track 35 minute album instead of seven tracks and 50 minutes.

Recommended for the completist.