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The Phantom Agony

a Studio release

Release Year: 2003

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Transmission Records
Released June 2003
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 7/23/2003 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 3/11/2013 7:03:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Adyta "The Neverending Embrace"
  2. Sensorium
  3. Cry for the Moon "The Embrace that Smothers - Part IV"
  4. Feint
  5. Illusive Consensus
  6. Fa├žade of Reality "The Embrace that Smothers - Part V"
  7. Run for a fall
  8. Seif al Din "The Embrace that Smothers - Part VI"
  9. The Phantom Agony

Simone Simons
vocal (mezzo-soprano)

Mark Jansen
guitar, grunts, screams

Ad Sluijter

Coen Janssen

Yves Huts

Jeroen Simons
drums, percussion


Olaf Reitmeier: acoustic guitar

Annette Berryman: flute