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Mirror Mirror

a Studio release

Release Year: 1995

Date Label Catalog # Comments
The Expanded Edition release containes 4 tracks not on the basic release.
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Regular Edition

  1. I'm Not in Love [Rework of Art Mix]
  2. Peace in Our Time
  3. Ready to Go Home
  4. The Monkey and the Onion
  5. Why Did I Break Your Heart
  6. Code of Silence
  7. Take This Woman
  8. Grow Old With Me
  9. Age of Consent
  10. Everything Is Not Enough

Expanded Edition

  1. Yvonne's the One - 4:27
  2. Code of Silence - 5:40
  3. Blue Bird - 4:06
  4. Age of Consent - 5:43
  5. Take This Woman - 3:53
  6. The Monkey and the Onion - 3:18
  7. Everything Is Not Enough - 4:03
  8. Ready to Go Home - 4:38
  9. Grow Old With Me - 3:23
  10. Margo Wants the Mustard - 3:53
  11. Peace in Our Time - 4:03
  12. Why Did I Break Your Heart - 5:19
  13. Now You're Gone - 3:03
  14. I'm Not in Love [Acoustic Session '95] - 3:30
Eric Stewart
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Graham Gouldman
Guitar, Bass Vocals, Mandolin, Percussion
Steve Pigott
Keyboards, Drums
Rick Fenn
Adrian Lee
Keyboards, percussion, programming, backing vocals, string arrangements, whistling, accordian Brass section, acoustic guitar, bass
Gary Wallis
Drums and percussion
Andrew Gold
Guitar and Vocals
Ian Thomas
Lise Aferiat
Nicola Burton
Chris Goldschneider
Andrew Hines
Patrick Jones
Gary Barnacle
Paul McCartney
Strings, electric piano, frogs, crickets and percussion, Rhythm guitar
Peter Thoms
Lol Creme
Grand piano and backing vocals
Kevin Godley
Bass drum, musical box and backing vocals

Reviewed by Eric on 29 Apr 2004

While very far from 10cc of the 1970’s, this is a nice album of melodic music that grows on you after several listens. Personally I don’t think this CD needed the rework of I’m Not In Love, but surprisingly it’s not out of place with the feel of the rest of the disc. Stewart and Gouldman have always had a knack for melody and it hits you like a tidal wave on Mirror Mirror. Peace In Our Time is one of my favorite tracks on the album reminding me of Cutting Crew or Tears For Fears, and really comparisons to several quality 80’s bands from China Crisis to Icehouse would not go amiss with Mirror Mirror.
This is actually the first CD I have played (seriously) after a highly emotional couple weeks and it satisfied a need for quality music played to perfection, with positive lyrics and upbeat feel.
Just what I needed.