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10 Out Of 10

a Studio release

Release Year: 1981

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1981 LP
Mercury PHCR6037
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  1. Don't Ask
  2. Overdraft In Overdrive
  3. Don't Turn Me Away
  4. Memories
  5. NoTell Hotel
  6. Les Nouveaux Riches
  7. Action Man In Mowtown Suit
  8. Listen With Your Eyes
  9. Lying Here With You
  10. Survivor
Andrew Gold
Synthesizer, Percussion, Electric Piano, Vocals
Graham Gouldman
Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Eric Stewart
Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Reviewed by Eric on 31 Dec 2004

The best of the post Bloody Tourists 10cc albums, Ten Out Of 10 faired far better than it’s predecessor Look Hear? just a year earlier. For many, 10cc had run it’s course and typically the critics ripped the band apart in the 1980’s and beyond. How unfortunate, because it seems to me Look Hear? and especially Ten Out Of 10 are quality works and worth the time to give a listen.
A collection of great pop rock, Ten Out Of 10 is a delight from start to finish. From the reggae influenced opening track Don’t Ask to the bittersweet Memories with it’s reference to Nights In White Satin, there is no filler on this album. Sad Cafe’s Vic Emerson plays keys on most of this album and once again both Manchester bands are forever connected. In fact, some of Ten Out Of 10 sounds like Sad Cafe’s Eric Stewart produced Facades from a couple years earlier.
Ten Out Of 10 was released on CD in Germany and Japan many years ago and you will pay a hefty sum for a copy these days. I have the Jap CD and a copy of the superb album cover hanging on the wall of my family room as it is one of my favourite covers of all time. Good stuff both outside and in.