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The Original Soundtrack

a Studio release

Release Year: 1975

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Polygram rerelease 1990
Japanese Remaster limited edition in LP Slipcase 2001
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  1. Une Nuit a Paris:(8:43)
    • One Night in Paris, Pt. 1
    • The Same Night in Paris, Pt. 2
  2. I'm not in love (6:08)
  3. Blackmail (4:32)
  4. Second sitting for the last supper (4:30)
  5. Brand new day (4:05)
  6. Flying junk (4:15)
  7. Life is a minestrone (4:46)
  8. Film of my love (5:08)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Channel Swimmer (2;56)
  2. Good News (5:08)
Lol Creme
Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vibraphone, Violin, Vocals
Kevin Godley
Bongos, Cello, Drums, Marimbas, Moog Synthesizer, Percussion, Synthesizer, Timbales, Timpani, Vocals
Graham Gouldman
6-string bass, Autoharp, Bass, Double Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Eric Stewart
Guitar, Keyboards,Steel Guitar, Vocals