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The Sentinel

a Studio release

Release Year: 1983

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Released in 1983 by EMI as SP8402GL
Rereleased in 1992 by Centaur as CENCD001
Rereleased in 2000 by Inside Out as IOMCD058
The Sentinel is now re-available in its complete extended version containing additional tracks which were originally only available as B sides, completing the mystical Atlantis concept as originally conceived. The album tracks are featured in the American remix versions, which had been previously unheard in the U.K. and Europe. Also included is rare footage of the band at their Hammersmith Odeon gig.
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  1. Shock Treatment (4.29)
  2. Cut + Run (4.59)
  3. Arrive Alive(4.05)
  4. Rise And Fall (6.05) (part 1)
  5. East West (4.58)
  6. March On Atlantis (5.23)
  7. Rise And Fall (part 2) (4.08)
  8. Heart Attack (7.59)
  9. Atlantis (7.59)
  10. Ark of Infinity (7.05)

Ronnie Brown

Derek Forman
drums, percussion

Euan Lowson

Niall Mathewson

Graeme Murray
bass, vocals

Reviewed by Olav on 01 Dec 2000

Back in 1979/80 Pallas wrote the song 'Hearth Attack' wich incidentally turned out to be the beginning of 'The Sentinel' concept according to Pallas in 1992. They had to wait till 1984 before it was released. Their first (live) album 'Arrive Alive' was a private release. It sold about 10.000 copies, so EMI got interested in the band. EMI must have really believed in Pallas, hiring Eddie Offord to produce & Partick Woodroffe to make a beautifull cover. Pallas went into the studio recording The Sentinel. The result was a wonderfull album. The Sentinel is the story of the cold war in the setting of the legendary Atlantis. The music is a mix between famous 70's bands, such as Yes, Genesis end ELP and eighties neo progressive bands like Marillion and IQ. The outcome are high-quality compositions with great melodic lines, fasinating lyrics and supurb bombastic keyboards. Due to the production, it sounds very 'modern' (for that time) the sound is very 'eighties'. After the release, Pallas went on tour, but the crowds where just not there. The band sacked lead vocalist Euan Lowson (they felt he wasn't carrying his weight annymore), hiring Allan Reed as his replacement. Pallas released new material in the years that followed, but they moved away from the songs that made them popular to a more mainstream sound. In 1992, the band was able to rerelease The Sentinel on CD on Centaur Discs. Four tracks, which were originally only available as B sides were added completing the mystical Atlantis concept as originally conceived. Inside Out rereleased it in 2000, making it better available than the first CD issue. A great LP and an even better CD. An essential album in any serious progressive rock fans collection.