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Rock Bottom

a Studio release
Robert Wyatt

Release Year: 1974

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1974 LP

original coverThis album was recorded following Wyatt's fall from a five-story window which resulted in a broken spine.

The album won the 1974 French Grand Prix Charles Cros Record of the Year Award.

Produced by Nick Mason

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  1. Sea Song (6:31)
  2. A Last Straw (5:46)
  3. Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road (7:38)
  4. Alifib (6:55)
  5. Alife (6:31)
  6. Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road (6:08)

Robert Wyatt
Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Guitar (2)


Mike Oldfield: Guitar (6)

Gary Windo: Clarinets, Tenor Sax (4,5)

Ivor Cutler: Vocals (3-6), Baritone Concertina (6)

Mongezi Feza: Trumpet (3)

Alfreda Benge: Vocals (5)

Fred Frith: Viola (6)

Hugh Hopper: Bass (2,4,5)

Richard Sinclair: Bass (1,3,6)

Laurie Allan: Drums (2,6)