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a Studio release
Arti E Mestieri

Release Year: 1974

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1974 LP
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 4/1/2001 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Gravita
  2. Strips
  3. Corrosione
  4. Positivo/Negativo
  5. In Cammino
  6. Scacco Matto
  7. Farenheit
  8. Articolazioni
  9. Tilt
Furio Chirico
Drums, Percussion
Marco Cimino
Beppe Crovella
Piano, Keyboards, Hammond organ, Accordion
Marco Gallesi
Gigi Venegoni
Electric & Acoustic guitar

Reviewed by Satch on 29 Jul 2001

Very well played Fusion of the Era, in a similar
vein to Mahavishnu Orchestra, or perhaps Iceberg
also with its own Ethnic feel, they were pretty
overlooked! Very technical stuff for the Era, and
something the Fusion fan should not miss!

Reviewed by DBSilver on 11 Jul 2002

This is Arti & Mestieri's debut recording and it is a fine one. Consistent with the state of fusion for pre-funk mid-1970's, the songs are complex and extremely well played.
Most of the album is instrumental although there are some vocals (in Italian). The vocals do not detract from the quality of the songs or the fusion being produced.
If there is an instumental standout it is most probably the drums. They are subpurbly played in the Mahavishnu/Cobham style. All the instruments are played to perfection and this is technical music. What keeps it from sounding like Mahvishnu is the lack of any one instrument making firework displays (all the performances are subservient to the over all composition) and the fact that all of this music is upbeat - giving it a deceptively light feel).
My favorite song is Gravita but they are all excellent and the album plays smoothly from start to finsh. If you are into mid-70's fusion of RTF, Mahavishnu then this recording will definately please.