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A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd

a Studio release
Tributes: Pink Floyd

Release Year: 2003

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From the label Web Site
    "This work is chock full of artist interpretations (and a few faithful reproductions) of Pink Floyd from nearly every genre of popular music including rock, alternative, fusion, metal, funk, hip-hop, folk, alt-country, and power pop."
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    Disc 1:
  1. Fearless
    (Tom Freund)
  2. Wish You Were Here
    (Sally Semrad)
  3. Money
  4. Comfortably Numb
    (Graham Parker)
  5. See Emily Play
    (James Combs)
  6. Mother
  7. Breathe
    (50 Cent Haircut)
  8. Young Lust
    (John Law)
  9. Time
    (Kelsey Wood)
  10. Have a Cigar
  11. Bike
  12. Nobody Home
    (Courtney Fairchild)
  13. Paintbox
    (Jimmy Caprio)
  14. Lucifer Sam
    (Billion Stars)
  15. San Tropez
    (Dave Chapple)
  16. Childhood's End
    (Becca & Pierre)

    Disc 2:
  1. High Hopes
    (Shark & The Smoke))
  2. Astronomy Domine
    (Mike Keneally Band))
  3. Corporal Clegg
    (Samarin, Morgan & Hull LLP))
  4. Let There Be More Light
  5. Pigs on the Wing
  6. Dogs
    (Which One's Pink?))
  7. Sheep
  8. In the Flesh
    (Shaun Guerin))
  9. Hey You (S.)(A.)(M.)
  10. Goodbye Blue Sky
    (Tim Myer))
  11. What Shall We Do Now?
    (Which One's Pink?))
  12. Is There Anybody Out There?
    (TBL feat. Stevie Z.))
  13. Not Now John
    (North Green))
  14. "5 Minute Version" of The Wall
    (Rat Bat Blue) feat. Ace of Pi Gamma

Disc 1:

Tom Freund (1)
Sally Semrad: (2)
Yortoise: (3)
Graham Parker: (4)
James Combs: (5)
Quetzal: (6)
50 Cent Haircut: (7)
John Law: (8)
Kelsey Wood: (9)
Ira: (10)
Harvette: (11)
Courtney Fairchild: (12)
Jimmy Caprio: (13)
Billion Stars: (14)
Dave Chapple: (15)
Becca & Pierre (16)

Disc 2:

Shark & The Smoke: (1)
Mike Keneally Band: (2)
Samarin, Morgan & Hull LLP: (3)
Glass: (4)
Tortfeasor: (5)
Which One's Pink?: (6)
Numira: (7)
Shaun Guerin: (8)
(S.)(A.)(M.): (9)
Tim Myer: (10)
Which One's Pink?: (11)
TBL feat. Stevie Z.: (12)
North Green: (13)
Rat Bat Blue feat. Ace of Pi Gamma: (14)

Reviewed by Marc on 12 May 2003

I'm usually not a fan of tribute albums. In my humble opinion what you get is a few interesting interpretations of already very good songs, and the rest consists of faithful (but not as good) copies of the originals or way out there "relectures" that leave the songs unrecognisable.

So just before I put "A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd" in the player, this album already had two strikes against it. Also add, that of the 30 groups/artists on this double cd, 29 I had never heard of and I was not a great fan of the 30th.

Well surprisingly (very) I like this album a lot. I wont go into a track to track description, because there are to many. But as a whole I can say this:

    * The production is excellent

    * All the featured bands/artists are very talented

    * All the performances a flawless

    * Most of the songs are quite different from the originals, but not so much to lose the "Pink Floyd" spirit.

    * The 30 tracks cover all periods of PF's career and the material is mostly song based (even though you find versions of Sheep, Have a Cigar and a few other longer pieces).
I will conclude by saying that "A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd" is a must have for any Pink Floyd fan. It's much better than any other Pink Floyd tribute album I have listened to. If you feel like listening to some Pink Floyd but are a little tired of putting the same albums in the cd player, A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd will give you hours and hours of pleasure.