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Deceptive Bends

a Studio release

Release Year: 1977

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1977 LP
Released 1977
CD Reissue Mercury 1990 & 1998
This album follows the departure of 10cc founders and mainstays Kevin Godley and Lol Creme to persue solo careers. Many thought this ment the end of the band. This recording shows the band survived replacing to some extent the craziness of the early music writers with catchy, almost pop melodies and extrodinarly production. This recording found success in radio play with the tracks Good Morning Judge, The Things We Do For Love, and to a lesser extent, People In Love.
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  1. Good Morning Judge (2:56)
  2. The Things We Do for Love (3:29)
  3. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous (4:05)
  4. People in Love (3:48)
  5. Modern Man Blues (5:32)
  6. Honeymoon With B Troop (2:49)
  7. I Bought a Flat Guitar Tutor (1:47)
  8. You've Got a Cold (3:37)
  9. Feel the Benefit, Pt. 1-3 (11:31)
    • Reminisce and speculate
    • "A" Latin break i
    • Feel the benefit

CD Bonus Tracks

  1. Hot to Trot (4:29)
  2. Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste (3:37)
  3. I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out (3:48)
Graham Gouldman
Organ, Bass, Dobro, Guitar, Autoharp, Guitar, Tambourine, Triangle, Vocals, Handclapping, Producer, Harmony Vocals, Fuzz Bass
Eric Stewart
Organ, Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Maraccas, Piano (Electric), Vocals, Moog Synthesizer, Whistle, Producer, Engineer, Slide Guitar
Terry Bozzio
Paul Burgess
Percussion, Piano, Conga, Drums, Gong, Tambourine, Triangle, Bells, Claves, Handclapping, Vibraphone, Cabassa, Wood Block, Bell Tree
Del Newman
Strings, Arranger, Conductor
Jean Roussel
Organ, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)
Tony Spath
Piano, Oboe

Reviewed by Eric on 29 Apr 2003

Many in the British press questioned the future of 10cc after the departure of Kevin Godley and Lol Creme and with good reason. The band produced a most creative and sophisticated Art rock and with the groundbreaking single I 'm Not In Love off The Original Soundtrack becoming a major international hit, the bands star was just beginning to rise. Fears 10cc would loose its creative edge were quickly dispelled with the release of Deceptive Bends.
Opening with the funky and humorous Good Morning Judge, its clear that Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman were back on track with more than just a little British eccentricity peaking through lyrically. The Things We Do For Love, the first single from the album owes more than a small debt to both Queen and The Beatles, and is one of the finest examples of pure pop brilliance ever created. People In Love is a lovely ballad that became another hit in the UK. Feel The Benefit is the longest cut here and the most progressive coming across as Barclay James Harvest and The Moody Blues meets The Beatles and is worth the price of the album alone.
The bonus cuts here are uniformly excellent. The best of three is the cleverly titled country rock satire of Don’t Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste giving added value to this CD reissue and my highest recommendation for Deceptive Bends.