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The World Became the World

a Studio release
PFM Premiata Forneria Marconi

Release Year: 1974

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1974 LP
Numero Uno-ZSLN 55669
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  1. The mountain (10:42)
  2. Just look away (4:00)
  3. The world became the world (4:44)
  1. Four holes in the ground (6:21)
  2. Is my face on straight (6:17)
  3. Have your cake and beat it (7:17)
Franz Di Cioccio
Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jan Patrick Djivas
Bass, Vocals
Franco Mussida
Guitars, Lead Vocals
Mauro Pagani
Woodwind, Violin, Vocals
Flavio Premoli
Keyboards, Lead Vocals

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