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The Love, Death and Mussolini E.P.

a Single or EP release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 1990

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From the Porcupine Tree Official Site:
40 minute tape

 [cassette] - private pressing of only 10 copies. Contains 7 tracks later to appear on "The Nostalgia 

Factory", plus "Out" (later included on the vinyl edition of "Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape") and the elsewhere unavailable "It Will Rain for a Million Years" (a completely different track to the one with the same title included on "On the Sunday of Life...")
Re-released as EP

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  1. Hymn (1.22)
  2. Footprints (5.56)
  3. Linton Samuel Dawson (3.04)
  4. And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun (4.12)
  5. Queen Quotes Crowley (4.40)


  1. No Luck With Rabbits (0.47)
  2. Begonia Seduction Scene (2.34)
  3. Out (8.59)
  4. It Will Rain for a Million Years (4.05)
Steven WilsonPorcupine Tree
Vocal, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass
Sir Tarquin Underspoon
Organ, Mellotron, Keyboards
Expanding Flan
Drums, Percussion
Solomon St. Jemain
Glissando Guitar and Vocals on "Queen Quotes Crowley"
JC Camillioni
Programming, Soundscapes

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