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Somewhere In South America...Live in Buenos Aires (CD/DVD)

a Live release
Steve Hackett

Release Year: 2003

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105 minutes of concert footage shot at Buenos Aires' Teatro Coliseo.
Somewhere In South America was made available in 4 different formats with staggered release.
  • Dec 2002: VHS Video (PAL & NTSC versions) and a 2-CD digipack of the gig for release on the Hackett official web site exclusively.
  • Jan 2003: Internet release of the DVD edition which comprised the DVD PLUS 2 audio CDs covering the whole concert, all in a 3 disc boxed digipack.
  • Jan 2003: - 5.1 Dolby Digital audio Bonus footage: "Somewhere In Italy" - documentary backstage footage and interviews shot on the 2000 Italian tour.
  • Jan 2003: DVD Region 0/NTSC
  • Feb 2003: European retail release of the DVD
  • Feb 2003: UK retail release of the DVD
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    Disc 1

    1. The Floating Seventh
    2. Mechanical Bride
    3. Medley
    4. Serpentine Song
    5. Watcher Of The Skies
    6. Hairless Heart
    7. Firth Of Firth
    8. Riding The Colossus
    9. Pollution
    10. The Steppes
    11. Gnossienne #1
    12. Walking Away From Rainbows

    Disc 2

    1. Sierra Quemada
    2. The Wall Of Knives
    3. Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite
    4. A Tower Struck Down
    5. Lucridus
    6. Darktown
    7. Camino Royale
    8. In Memoriam
    9. Horizons
    10. Los Endos
    Steve Hackett
    Guitar, Vocals
    Roger King
    Gary O'Toole
    Drums, Vocals
    Terry Gregory
    Bass, Vocals
    Rob Twonsend
    Sax, Flute

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