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En Route

a Studio release
Hermetic Science

Release Year: 2001

Date Label Catalog # Comments
11 Nov 2001 Magnetic Oblivion 3-MERM-01 CD

All tracks mixed and mastered at Big Bang Studios, Loleta, California; Mark Mayo, engineer
Arrangements by Hermetic Science
Produced by Ed Macan
Cover art concept and graphic layout by Ed Macan

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  1. Mars, The Bringer Of War (7:15)
  2. Against The Grain, Part One (6:39)
  3. Against The Grain, Part Two (5:31)
  4. Against The Grain, Part Three (4:57)
Ed Macan
10-string lyre, soprano and tenor recorders, Rhodes electric piano, vibes, ARP string ensemble, Hammond organ, acoustic piano, electronic harpsichord
Jason Hoopes
sitar, bass guitar, spoken intro
Joe Nagy
dumbek, drums and percussion