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a Studio release
Djam Karet

Release Year: 2002

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2002 HC Productions DKCD-002
2002 CDR: HC Productions DKCD-002
Recorded live July 1, 1989 at KCRW-FM Studios, Santa Monica, Ca.
This recording has three previously unreleased tracks taped during a live performance at KCRW-FM Studios in Santa Monica, California, on July 1st, 1989. It also includes the only available live version of "The Sky Opens Twice".
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  1. Power Gliding In The Palm Of The Lord
  2. "Who Should Know That Better Than Houston"
    (With special voice-over by John F. Kennedy)
  3. As The River Of Time Flows Past Us
  4. The Sky Opens Twice
  5. "I Just Press My Little Button"
Gayle Ellett
Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Percussion
Mike Henderson
Six And Twelve String Guitar, Percussion
Henry Osborne
Bass, Percussion
Chuck Oken, Jr.
Drums, Keyboards, Tapes, Percusssion