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Amused To Death

a Studio release
Roger Waters

Release Year: 1992

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1992 CD Columbia CK-47127
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 3/25/2001 12:00:00 AM
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  1. The Ballad of Bill Hubbard (4:19)
  2. What God Wants, Part I (6:00)
  3. Perfect Sense, Part I (4:16)
  4. Perfect Sense, Part II (2:50)
  5. The Bravery of Being Out of Range (4:43)
  6. Late Home Tonight, Part I (4:00)
  7. Late Home Tonight, Part II (2:13)
  8. Too Much Rope (5:47)
  9. What God Wants, Part II (3:41)
  10. What God Wants, Part III (4:08)
  11. Watching TV (6:07)
  12. Three Wishes (6:50)
  13. It's a Miracle (8:30)
  14. Amused to Death (9:06)

Roger Waters
Synthesizer, Bass, Guitars, Vocals


Jeff Beck: Guitar
Rita Coolidge: Vocals
Don Henley: Vocals
John Patitucci: Basses, Guitar
Andy Fairweather-Low: Guitars, Vocals
Geoff Whitehorn: Guitar
National Philharmonic Orchestra
Marv Albert: Voices
P.P. Arnold: Vocals
Graham Broad: Percussion, Drums
John Brundrick:Hammond Organ
John Bundrick "Rabbit": Organ
Doreen Chanter: Vocals
B.J. Cole: Steel Guitar
Luis Conte: Percussion
N'Dea Davenport: Vocals
Rick DiFonzo: Guitar
Denny Fongheiser: Drums
Linsey Fiddmont: Vocals
Lynn Fiddmont: Background Vocals
Charles Fleischer: Voices
Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars
James Haas: Background Vocals
Jim Haas: Vocals
Natalie Jackson: Vocals
James Johnson: Bass
Jon Joyce: Vocals
Katie Kissoon: Vocals
Stan Laurel: Vocals
Jessica Leonard: Voices, Screams
Jordan Leonard: Voices, Screams
Patrick Leonard
Steve Lukather: Guitar
Brian MacLeod: Percussion, Drums
Jeff Porcaro: Drums
Peking Brothers: Dulcimer, Bass, Lute, Oboe, Zhen
John Pierce: Bass
Tim Pierce: Bass, Guitar, Choir, Chorus
Alf Razzell: Vocals
Steve Sidwell: Cornet
Guo Yi: Dulcimer, Bass, Lute, Oboe, Zhen
London Welsh Chorale: Choir
Randy Jackson "The Emperor": Bass
Alf Razzelli: Vocals