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Baklandet Cafe / Dyrevise (& Øystein Dolmen) (s)

a Single or EP release
Arabs in Aspic

Release Year: 2022

Date Label Catalog # Comments
09 Dec 2022 Crispin Glover Records ARAB3CGR137 7" Vinyl, Limited Edition (300 copies, mimosa marble)

Coverart and produced by Øystein Dolmen/ Julia Proszowska Lund
Layout by Håvard Gjelseth

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Entry Last Updated on: 12/4/2023 7:46:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Side
    1. Baklandet Cafe
  2. Side
    1. Dyrevise

Jostein Smeby
guitars, vocals

Stig Jørgensen
organ, vocals

Erik Paulsen
bass, vocals

Eskil Nyhus
drums, cymbal

Alessandro G. Elide
percussion, gong


Øystein Dolmen: guitar, vocals