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The Magic of Sin

a Studio release
Arabs in Aspic

Release Year: 2023

Date Label Catalog # Comments
01 Dec 2023 Karisma Records CD, LP, Digital

The Magic of Sin, which was originally titled Syndenes Magi., in this release it has been re-mixed and re-worked with English language lyrics.

Remastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo in his Dude Ranch Studios.

The album will also be available in the form of a limited first pressing of the LP version in orange/black vinyl which comes in a unique tri-fold cover revealing more of Julia Proszowska’s striking cover art. If its  combined with the original  “Syndenes Magi” LP, all five panels of the painting will be visible.

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  1. The Magic of Sin - 12:16
  2. Down in Darkness Pt 2 - 9:33
  3. Down in Darkness Pt 3 - 20:20
Jostein Smeby
guitar, vocals

Eskil Nyhus

Erik Paulsen
bass, vocals

Stig A. Jørgensen
organ, keyboards, vocals