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In a Foreign Town/Out of Water 2023

a Studio release
Peter Hammill

Release Year: 2023

Date Label Catalog # Comments
24 Nov 2023 Esoteric Recordings EANTCD21102

In a Foreign Town / Out of Water 2023 is a new project by Peter Hammill. which features new reworkings of these two of albums originally released in 1988 and 1990 respectively.  This is the reason it is listed as a new release and not as a compilation or reissue.

  • In a Foreign Town was released in its original form in 1988 and featured material with a political edge and saw Hammill explore the use of MIDI technology in the studio and featured contributions from violinist Stuart Gordon.
  • Out of Water was a slight change in direction, featuring a more band orientated approach with contributions.

Over the years the reaction to the original versions of both albums has mixed, with some fans praising the material but finding the 80s production style not to their taste. Peter has referred to ‘In a Foreign Town’ as having strong songs but having a production style of its time, describing the album as “a crucial set of recordings in terms of my musical development”.

The uncertainty surrounding the rights of both these original albums prompted Hammill to revisit both works in the studio, reworking and re-recording whilst also using elements of the original material to stunning effect. The finished results are remarkable and demonstrate the strength of the original compositions.

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CD 1 - In a Foreign Town (2023)

  1. Hemlock
  2. Invisible Ink
  3. Sci-Finance (Revisited)
  4. This Book
  5. Time to Burn
  6. Auto
  7. Vote Brand X
  8. Sun City Nightlife
  9. The Play’s the Thing
  10. Under Cover Names
  11. Smile
  12. Time to Burn (instrumental)

CD 2 - Out of Water (2023)

  1. Evidently Goldfish
  2. Not the Man
  3. No Moon in the Water
  4. Our Oyster
  5. Something About Ysabel’s Dance
  6. Green Fingers
  7. On the Surface
  8. A Way Out

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