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The New Gospels

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 1996

Date Label Catalog # Comments
CD HRHCD001 Hope Records UK
Cassette HRHC001 Hope Records UK
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  1. Part One: Galilee: The Word: Power
  2. Part Two: The Gift: The Magnificat
  3. Part Three: The Welcoming: Welcome A Star
  4. Part Four: The Way: The Baptism
  5. Part Five: Tempt Him


  1. Part Six: The Sermon On The Mount
  2. Part Seven: The Lord's Prayer
  3. Part Eight: The Road To Jerusalem
  4. Part Nine: Trial And Error
  5. Part Ten: Await The Hour
  6. Part Eleven: The Cross
  7. Part Twelve: Children Of Mine

Rick Wakeman

David Paton

Garfield Morgan

Ramon Remedios
Tenor Vocals

The New Gospels Choir

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