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Aspirant Sunshadows

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 1991

Date Label Catalog # Comments
CD RWCD19 President UK
Cassette RWK19 President UK
CD SKV 027 CD Sattva Germany
Cassette SKV 027 MC Sattva
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  1. The Nightwind - 4:59
  2. Churchyard - 4:6
  3. Tall Shadows - 4:26
  4. Shadowlove - 4:21
  5. Melancholy Mood - 7:6
  6. Mount Fuji By Night - 4:29
  7. Hidden Reflections - 4:15
  8. The Evening Harp - 7:10
  9. The Moonraker Pond - 5:33
  10. The Last Lamplight - 7:9
  11. Japanese Sunshadows - 5:33
Rick Wakeman

Reviewed by Marc on 07 Feb 2008

In the nineties Rick Wakeman started a parallel career as a relaxation music writer and performer.

The music on Aspirant Sunshadows is light years away from what Wakeman is famous for. Only an accute listener will detect references to his work with Yes or his most famous solo projects. Still, Rick Wakeman is a very good composer and a brilliant performer. This certainly reflects on the quality of the music on this CD.

For the Wakeman completist with a large palette of musical taste, Aspirant Sunshadows could certainly interest you. Also for those into relaxation music, this CD could be to your liking.

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