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Murderock - Uccide a Passo Di Danza

a Studio release
Keith Emerson

Release Year: 1984

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Keith Emerson Murderock- Uccide A Passo Di Danza (Soundtrack)The 2001 remastered reissue by Cinevox Records contains 4 additional bonus tracks.

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  1. Murderock
  2. Tonight Is Your Night
  3. Streets To Blame
  4. Not So Innocent
  5. Prelude To Candice
  6. Dont Go In The Shower
  7. Coffee Time
  8. Candice
  9. New York Dash
  10. Tonight Is Not Your Night
  11. The Spillone
Bonus Tracks:
  1. Murderock (Part I)
  2. Murderock (Part II)
  3. Murderock (Part III)
  4. Murderock (Part IV)
Keith Emerson
Piano, Keyboards
Doreen Chanter