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a Live release
Barclay James Harvest

Release Year: 1988

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Recorded on July 14th, 1987 at Treptower Park, East Berlin

BJH were invited by the then East German authorities to play a concert in East Berlin as part of Berlin’s 750th birthday celebrations.

Over 50,000 ticket applications were received int eh first few days. By concert time, and due to poor concert management, thousands of people got in for free and no accurate attendance count exists although estimates range between 130,000 to 170,000.

Unlike the first Berlin album, thos recording went well and virtually no re-recording was done to get the final result.

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  1. Poor Man’s Moody Blues
  2. Alone In The Night
  3. Hold On
  4. African
  5. On The Wings Of Love
  6. Love On The Line
  7. Berlin
  8. Medicine Man
  9. Kiev
  10. Hymn

    On CD and MC only:

  11. Turn the Key
  12. He Said Love
Les Holroyd
vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards
John Lees
vocals, guitars
Mel Pritchard
drums, percussion

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