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a Studio release
Fragile Vastness

Release Year: 2002

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This CD includes as bonus a video clip for the song ;Weep No More.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 1/7/2003 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 7/16/2014 1:03:00 PM by: DBSilver
  1. Little Red Riding Hood
  2. Weep No More
  3. Obliged To Suffer
  4. What A Shame
  5. Flying Over Nazca
  6. Parasite
  7. Formula
  8. Blank
  9. Eye To Eye (Obliged To Suffer)
Vangellis Yalamas
Alex Flouros
Zacharias Tsoumos
Evi Katsamatsa
Piano, Keyboards
Babis Tsolakis

Reviewed by MJBrady on 22 Nov 2005

Greece progressive metal band Fragile Vastness bring a fresh sound into a genre that has gotten a stygma of late as one that lacks new bands daring enough to provide an independant voice or a unique style to the long list of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Fates Warning sound-alikes. While I have found even many of these bands quite enjoyable, it is true that few new progressive metal bands are exploring new frontiers within the invisible confines of what has generally been dubbed progmetal. Here is a band that has done it. They are adventurous, and not always metal. Though progmetal is the most obvious tag to give them. The band can be technical and complex. Melodic, and even a little quirky at times. The posess a high standard of musicianship, and simply sound like no other band in that genre that I have heard thus far.

While this cd is not perfect by any means, as there is some room for refinement. It's clear that this band is poised for great things based on what they are doing best on this debut cd. I like how they are able to mix acoustical instruments like violins and pianos and upright bass into the standard electric metallized aspect of the music, it's mixed nicely and sounds very eclectic. They are not formulaic as many other bands can be, it seems they have enough inner creativity to manifest an altogether new sound for a staved progressive metal community. I would guess the demanding progrockers with a flare for the heavier side of prog would even enjoy this stuff.

You get a lot of different tastes of music with Fragile Vastness, a compliment to the musicians involved, each seems to have a high degree of mastery on their respective instruments. They have managed to concentrate the influences of bands like Fates Warning, Watchtower, Pain of Salvation and to a lesser degree, Dream Theater, and perhaps vintage Rush into what is a really personal sound. It's genuine, fresh, and well constructed music that truely deserves to be heard to be fully appreciated. My only issues with this cd, being the bands first, is the production could have been a bit more punchy, particularly the drums, and bass. But this is nitpicking, the cd is very enjoyable overall and most would not have any problem whatsoever with those things.

I do look very forward to hearing the bands new material which is to be released in 2005, They are most assuredly a band that fits well on my list of things I love to hear.