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a Studio release
Alex Carpani

Release Year: 2022

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29 Apr 2022 CD, Digital
Alex Carpani explains:

Microcosm is an album about the enormous potential of the mind, which is able to create, destroy, love, suffer, remember, forget, isolate itself from everything, live among the people, change its perspective, change its mind, put ideas to good use, cancel distances, create the most abysmal distances, resist everything, give in to nothing, grow, learn, reshape, regress, dissolve, create impossible worlds and make the impossible possible. The mind, in other words, is a world in itself, a microcosm in which lives all that we are, what we perceive of the outside and what the world perceives about us.
Musically speaking Microcosm is the meeting point between various genres and influences: progressive, jazz-rock, symphonic rock. The album has been conceived as a heterogeneous fresco with a multifaceted soul. It's a project that has involved prestigious musicians of the International rock scene, as well as top level musicians of the Italian scene.
The album contains a modern and suggestive version of Starless by King Crimson.

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  1. Starless - 4:49
  2. Kiss And Fly - 4:31
  3. God Bless Amerika - 4:09
  4. The Mountain Of Salt - 4:19
  5. We Can't Go Home Tonight - 5:29
  6. Footprints In The Hearts - 4:22
  7. Prime Numbers - 5:25
  8. What Once Was - 4:33
  9. When The Tears Roll Down - 5:42
  10. The Outer World - 4:30
  11. Redemption - 5:46
  12. Microcosm - 5:30

Alex Carpani
lead & backing vocals, keyboards, synth bass, mellotron, drum loops, electronic


Bruno Farinelli: drums
Andrea Torresani: bass
Davide Rinaldi: guitar
Emiliano Fantuzzi: guitar
David Cross: violin
David Jackson: saxophone, flute
Theo Travis: saxophone
Jon Davison: lead & backing vocals (2)