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20 Years - Alive and Well

a Live release
Roz Vitalis

Release Year: 2022

Date Label Catalog # Comments
26 Jan 2022 self-released Digital

Mixed and mastered by Evgeny Trefilov
Recorded by Andrey Burtsev in Saint Petersburg at the Place Club 27 Nov 2021
Artwork by Liza Chekalina

20 Years – Alive and Well” is the live album recorded in the Roz Vitalis 20th anniversary concert. This concert was organized in Saint Petersburg ( 27 Nov 2021) by this band and Sergey Gorchaninov (organizer of both the Prog Festival titled Babooinumfest and the band OT&DO).

Many compositions here are reworked on the base of new sound and new treatment. Furthermore, the important contributions are provided by guest appearance of Yury Khomonenko (percussion) who was the official member of Roz Vitalis in 2011-2013 and AndRey Stefinoff (clarinet) who played with the band for the first time. Thus, most of the pieces on the album are performed by “the progressive rock septet” including, of course, also contemporary "regular office staff": Ruslan Kirillov (bass), Vladislav Korotkikh (flute), Ivan Rozmainsky (conception, keyboards), Vladiir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky (guitars), and Evgeny Trefilov (drums) . It should also be mentioned that five compositions were performed on drums by Philip Semenov; he was the band's first official drummer (from 2008 to 2018).

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  1. Daybreaking - 6:03
  2. Walking - 5:05
  3. Patience of Hope - 5:52
  4. Recovery (1st Performance) - 3:41
  5. For My Love They Are My Adversaries (1st Performance) - 2:17
  6. Escaping from Myself - 4:24
  7. Mother of All Rain (Extended Version) - 5:48
  8. Ascension Dream - 3:29
  9. Annihilator of Moral Hazard - 5:43
  10. Lavoro d'Amore - 3:45
  11. Blurred - 3:02
  12. Se Camminiamo Nella Luce - 3:50
  13. Passing Over - 6:26
  14. Thou Shalt Tread upon the Lion and Adder - 6:12
  15. Jungle Waltz - 7:25
  16. Bait of Success - 5:12
  17. Ending - 3:06

Vladislav Korotkikh

Ivan Rozmainsky
electric piano, synths

Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky
electric & acoustic guitars

Ruslan Kirillov

Evgeny Trefilov
drums (1-6,12-17)


Yury Khomonenko: percussion
Philip Semenov "Phill": drums (7-11)
AndRey Stefinoff: clarinet