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In Continuum - Live at Progstock [Blu-Ray+CD]

a Live Video release
In Continuum

Release Year: 2022

Date Label Catalog # Comments
14 Jan 2022 Blu-Ray+CD

This limited edition issue features two discs, one Blu-Ray concert video with high resolution stereo and DTS® HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound plus a stunning compact disc live album

This release was recorded on 5 Oct 2018 at the Progstock festival. The all-star band features Marco Minnemann on drums (and you get to hear his unedited 10 minute drum solo), Matt Dorsey (from Sound of Contact), Randy McStine, Fernando Perdomo, Gabriel Agudo, Leticia Wolf and Dave Kerzner.

Also performing with In Continuum at Progstock 2018 were Michael Sadler (of Saga), Ruti Celli and Joe Deninzon of Stratospheerius but due to technical difficulties the tracks they guested on were not recorded. The 9 tracks of this album are all there is of this rare live performance in terms of what was multi-tracked.

Recorded by Progstock
Mixed and Produced by Dave Kerzner
Art and Graphics by Dave Kerzner

This concert recording was initially released as a Digital Download only in 2021

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  1. Acceleration Theory - 4:17
  2. Crash Landing - 5:38
  3. I Remember - 6:29
  4. Two Moons Setting With The Sun - 6:19
  5. Be The Light - 4:14
  6. Marco Minnemann Drum Solo - 10:06
  7. Cosmic Distance Ladder - 4:41
  8. Beyond Illumination - 6:01
  9. Scavengers - 4:33

Dave Kerzner
Vocals, Keyboards

Gabriel Agudo

Leticia Wolf

Matt Dorsey
Bass, Guitar

Randy McStine
Guitar, Bass

Fernando Perdomo
Guitar, Bass

Marco Minnemann