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News From Nowhere

a Studio release
Notturno Concertante

Release Year: 1993

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Mellow Records MMP 175
All tracks written & arranged by Lucio Lazzaruolo Lazzaruolo and Raffaele Villanova Villanova, except The Web and Grendel by Marillion.
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  1. News from nowhere
  2. The city is quite insane
  3. Graveyard people
  4. Amour dure, dure amour
  5. Waving not drowning
  6. Genius loci
  7. Half human town
  8. Seventh wave
  9. Ghosts in a picture frame
  10. The web
  11. Interlude/Grendel
  12. The long tomorrow
  13. In the shade I will wait
Lucio Lazzaruolo
keyboards and classical guitars
Raffaele Villanova
lead vocals and guitars
Sabrina Caprarella
lead female vocals
Enzo Abbonandolo
Patrizio Paladino