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Frame by Frame

a Single or EP release
Joe Deninzon Stratospheerius

Release Year: 2020

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01 May 2020 Digital
Joe Deninzon writes:

Having been a huge King Crimson fan all my life, this song always spoke to me. Adrien Belew’s voice is right in my range and Stratospheerius has been having fun playing our version of this song live for over a year now. Having scoured the internet about the meaning of this song, here is what I’ve found, and it lines up with my interpretation:
“It’s about how someone is proceeding ‘frame by frame’ (in the small scale) with their analysis of something. They “drown” in their analysis, doubting themselves (by numbers, or predictably).”

Basically, we are caught up in our own thoughts, our own analysis of an object or a situation. When we overthink something, our thoughts can act like a weight that clouds our vision and drowns us.

In our current dystopian reality, there are a million theories floating around. It’s hard to know what to believe. Many overanalyze the situation and make dour predictions not based on real data. We are left to stew in our own quarantined bubble and drive ourselves es insane because our future is uncertain and there are no concrete answers to our questions.

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  1. Frame by Frame - 5:22

Joe Deninzon
electric violin/acoustic violin/lead vocals

Michelangelo Quirinale

Paul Ranieri

Jason Gianni


Val Vigoda: background vocals