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a Studio release
Notturno Concertante

Release Year: 1993

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Mellow Records: CD - MMP 141
All music composed by Lucio Lazzaruolo and Raffaele Villanova
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  1. Erewhon
  2. Before awakening
  3. Wide open eyes
  4. Good at the art of surviving
  5. Dreams'hunters (part I)
  6. The protector
  7. Dreams'hunters (part II)
  8. The air that walks
  9. Rhetorical questions
  10. Right or wrong my country
Lucio Lazzaruolo
piano, synth, classical guitar
Raffaele Villanova
guitars, bass on "Dreams' hunters (part II), programming, vocals
Enzo Abbondandolo
Orazio Grappone
drums, programmings, synths

with the help of
Betty Iandolo
vocals, additionals synth