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....Another Song About Death - Live!

a Single or EP release

Release Year: 1985

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1985 self-released Cassette

Tracks A1,2 and B1 were recorded live at 'Heads' and remixed at Hillside Studios.
Track B2 was recorded dead at Hillside.
Graham Halliwell - LIve Sound
Jinks - Road Management

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  1. Side
    1. The Drowning Pool
    2. Morning Air
  2. Side
    1. In The Cold Heat
    2. Trick Of The Light

Sean Godfrey
bass, vocals

Mark Spencer

Fudge Smith

Steven Bennett
synthesizers, piano, vocal


Spindle: guitar (A1,2, B1)
Jaff: percussion (A1,2,B1)
Caroline Robertson: violin (B2)
Rebecca Abbott: flute (B2)
Dave Valentine-Hogart: guitar (B2)