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a Studio release
Chain Reaktor

Release Year: 2021

Date Label Catalog # Comments
05 Jun 2021 FREIA Music CD, Digital
01 Sep 2021 FREIA Music LP

Mixed and mastered by Bart Laan

THis album is about gloomy loneliness overshadowing modern urban live, where you can experience solitude amidst the crowds. Where new generations struggle to find their true identity; where many people desperately try to find their true home. Ultimately, Homesick is a journey, a search for ones true home.

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Entry Last Updated on: 6/11/2021 9:40:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. The Day That Never Came
  2. Lonely City
  3. Enjoy Your Life
  4. The Lying King
  5. Homesick
  6. Stop Yelling
  7. A Thousand Diamonds

Bart Laan
vocals, guitars, flute

Arjan Laan
drums, percussion

Erik Laan
vocals, keys

Mark op ten Berg


Suzan van den Engel: backing vocals (1,2,7)
Martin Streckfuss: saxophone (5,7)
Sophie Zaaijer: violins (2,5,7)

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