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Risky Business (Movie Soundtrack)

a Studio release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 1984

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Soundtrack to the Movie of the same name. Tangerine Dream appear on tracks: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 11
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  1. Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger
  2. The Dream Is Always the Same - Tangerine Dream
  3. No Future (Get off the Babysitter) - Tangerine Dream
  4. Guido the Killer Pimp - Tangerine Dream
  5. Lana - Tangerine Dream
  6. Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters
  7. The Pump - Jeff Beck
  8. D.M.S.R - Prince
  9. After the Fall - Journey
  10. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
  11. Love on a Real Train (Risky Business) - Tangerine Dream
Jeff Beck
Producer, Performer
Phil Collins
Producer, Performer
Producer, Performer
Johannes Schmoelling
Synthesizer, Keyboards
Edgar Froese
Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Muddy Waters

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