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Film Music 1976-2020

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Brian Eno

Release Year: 2020

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23 Nov 2020 CD

Brian Eno has collected highlights from his soundtrack work over the past 40 years — some familiar, some hard-to-find — for the producer and ambient music pioneer’s new collection Film Music 1976-2020.

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  1. Top Boy (Theme)” from Top Boy – Series 1
  2. Ship In A Bottle” from The Lovely Bones
  3. Blood Red” from Francis Bacon’s Arena
  4. Under” from Cool World
  5. Decline And Fall” from O Nome da Morte
  6. Prophecy Theme” from Dune
  7. Reasonable Question” from We Are As Gods
  8. Late Evening In Jersey” from Heat
  9. Beach Sequence” from Beyond The Clouds
  10. You Don’t Miss Your Water  from Married to the Mob
  11. Deep Blue Day, From Trainspotting
  12. The Sombre” from Top Boy
  13. Dover Beach” from Jubilee
  14. Design as Reduction” from Rams,
  15. Undersea Steps” from Hammerhead
  16. Final Sunset” from Sebastiane
  17. An Ending (Ascent)” from For All Mankind

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