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L'Orizzonte Degli Eventi

a Studio release
Alex Carpani

Release Year: 2020

Date Label Catalog # Comments
03 Jul 2020 Pick Up Records CD
24 Jul 2020 Digital

L'Orizzonte Degli Eventi (Event Horizon) is an album of rock songs sung in Italian and mixing hard rock, electronic, alternative rock and pop influences. A kind of visionary and existential concept album about the imaginary line that divides the possible scenarios of our lives, in the moment when we are in front of big life decisions. It all begins with the narrator voice of an astrophysicist who gives the scientific definition of the event horizon. From that moment the journey begins and this boundary surface becomes the metaphor of life and the relativity of all things.

Mixed and mastered by Daniele Bagnoli @ Bagnoli Bros. Studio [Castelnovo ne' Monti, Reggio Emilia - Italy]

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  1. L'orizzonte Degli Eventi - 3:13
  2. Lava Bollente - 4:37
  3. Fiore D'Acqua - 5:28
  4. Il Perimetro Dell'Anima - 6:49
  5. Tempo Relativo - 5:07
  6. Sette Giorni - 6:56
  7. La Fine è Là - 7:01
  8. Nel Ventre del Buio - 5:09
  9. Le Porte - 6:44

Alex Carpan
lead and backing vocals, synths, virtual guitars, programming

GB Giorgi

Bruno Farinelli


Efisio Santi: Narration (1)