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Pure Narcotic - Acoustic Session 2012

a Single or EP release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 2020

Date Label Catalog # Comments
19 Mar 2020 Digital

These songs were performed as a 5 song acoustic set at the band's final show at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2010. When the Octane Twisted live album was put together in 2012, the plan was to include several recordings from the RAH show, but the acoustic set was found to have too many technical issues. Instead the band elected to make studio recordings of the songs the way they had been performed on the night. Unfortunately work was not completed in time to be included on the album after all, and the recording was shelved until now.

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  1. Black Dahlia - 3:41
  2. Futile - 5:03
  3. Pure Narcotic - 5:18
  4. Small Fish - 3:23
  5. Stranger by the Minute - 4:45

Steven Wilson
acoustic guitar, lead vocals

Richard Barbieri
synthesizers, keyboards

Colin Edwin
double bass

Gavin Harrison
drums, percussion

John Wesley
electric guitar, harmony vocals

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