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Köln 4th Dec 2007 (TV broadcast)

a Live release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 2020

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16 Apr 2020 Digital

Exactly 14 years to the day after the band's first ever live performance, PT played at the Palladium in Köln, Germany. The show was filmed by a local TV station and 7 songs totalling approximately 62 minutes were later selected for broadcast. This is the audio soundtrack to the broadcast, as mixed by SW.

There is some overlap with the Ilosaarirock show from earlier in the year, but also some unexpected forays into the back catalogue in the form of Waiting and The Sky Moves Sideways.

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  1. Fear of a Blank Planet - 8:37
  2. Waiting - 4:47
  3. Anesthetize - 17:14
  4. Dark Matter - 8:42
  5. Sleep Together - 8:03
  6. The Sky Moves Sideways - 8:49
  7. Halo - 6:22

Steven Wilson
vocals, guitar, piano

Richard Barbieri
keyboards, synthesizers

Colin Edwin

Gavin Harrison
drums & percussion

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