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First Live Performance 4th Dec 1993

a Live release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 2020

Date Label Catalog # Comments
16 Mar 2020 Digital

An almost complete recording of the first ever live performance of Porcupine Tree. After the newly assembled band line-up had rehearsed for one week, they played 4 times in quick succession. This recording captures a nervous but spirited show at a sold-out Nag's Head club in High Wycombe on 12 Apr 1993..

The recording was made directly to DAT from the mixing board, so as with any board tape the balance is not perfect, but the quality is excellent. 

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  1. Voyage 34 - 11:39
  2. Always Never - 7:41
  3. The Nostalgia Factory - 5:13
  4. Burning Sky - 11:21
  5. Radioactive Toy - 10:06
  6. Up the Downstair - 10:41
  7. Not Beautiful Anymore - 9:07

Steven Wilson
Guitar, Vocals

Richard Barbieri
Synthesisers, Keyboards

Colin Edwin
Bass guitar

Chris Maitland

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