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a Studio release
NDV (Nick D'Virglio)

Release Year: 2020

Date Label Catalog # Comments
26 Jun 2020 EERCD00025 CD

A concept album about 'finding meaning', the recording process was split between the legendary Abbey Road Studios (including full string and brass sections) and Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 

D’Virgilio describes his new record as: “a collection of songs that make up the story of a man who is unhappy with where his life has ended up. He finally decides to take the scary step of leaving everything behind so he can go and find the meaning of his life,”

Guest musicians include Joran Rudess (Dream Theater), Paul Gilbert (Mr Big), Tony Levin (King Crimson), Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings), Jem Godfrey (Frost*), Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Randy McStein and more.

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  1. Prelude
  2. Invisible
  3. Turn Your Life Around
  4. I'm Gone
  5. Money (That's What I Want)
  6. Waiting For No One
  7. Snake Oil Salesman
  8. Where's The Passion
  9. Mercy
  10. Overcome
  11. In My Bones
  12. Wrong Place Wrong Time
  13. Not My Time To Say Goodbye
  14. I Know The Way

Nick D'Virglio
Drums, Vocals


Jordan Rudess: Keyboards
Paul Gilbert: Guitars
Tony Levin: Bass
Carl Verheyen: Guitars
Rick Nielsen: Guitars
Jonas Reingold: Bass
Jem Godfrey: Keyboards
Rick Nielsen
Randy McStine
Stan Cotey
Jacob Dupre
Ed Goldfarb
Don Carr
Phil Naish
Michael Omartian
Tom Hemby
Dave Martin
Kat Bowser
Beth Cohen
Nathan Heironimus
Sophia D'Virgilio
Abbey Road Orchestra