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Hope and a Future

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Neal Morse (Worship Sessions)

Release Year: 2020

Date Label Catalog # Comments
18 Mar 2020 Digital

NEAL MORSE himself put together a compilation of songs he has written throughout the years that all deal with hope. Titled “Hope And A Future“, the album includes a booklet of inspirational hope quotes from the likes of Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein.

In response to the hopelessness that many are feeling due to the coronavirus.

Most songs are from the worship albums.

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  1. We Stand With You
  2. The Storm / Whirlwind (Solo live)
  3. God Won't Give Up
  4. Fly High
  5. Somber Days
  6. We Will Trust God
  7. Sanctuary (Demo)
  8. Peaceful Harbor (from Storytellers MF16)
  9. What He's Done For Me
  10. Oh Lord My God (Remix)
  11. We All Need Some Light (Demo)
  12. Wind At My Back (Live 2007)

Neal Morse

Vocals, all Instruments