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Madness and Magic

a Studio release
Arabs in Aspic

Release Year: 2020

Date Label Catalog # Comments
12 Jun 2020 Karisma Records CD, LP, Digital

The lyrics for “Madness and Magic” reflect on how easily both children and adults are affected in the digital age, but also how helpless we are when we have to put our lives in the hands of specialists. Many ideas came up after a brief meeting with Doctor Death. The message of “Madness and Magic” is up to the listener to decide. For you are capable of thinking for yourself, right?

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  1. I Vow to Thee, My Screen
  2. Lullaby for Modern Kids, Part 1
  3. Lullaby for Modern Kids, Part 2
  4. High-Tech Parent
  5. Madness and Magic
  6. Heaven in Your Eye

Jostein Smeby
Guitars, vocals

Stig Jørgensen
Organs, vocals

Erik Paulsen
Bass, vocals

Eskil Nyhus
Drums, cymbals

Alessandro G. Elide
Percussion, gongs.