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From A Page

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 2019

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2019 3xCD. LP

From A Page contains the complete works of the Benoît David, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Oliver Wakeman and Alan White incarnation of Yes and features four previously unreleased studio tracks plus the Live From Lyon 2009 (1 Dec 2009) recordings (including the Japanese only bonus track Second Initial).

Oliver Wakeman has personally overseen the preparation of the studio recordings (from 2010) which were mixed by Karl Groom and mastered by Mike Pietrini).

3CD in clamshell box with 2 16-page booklets - one including new artwork from Roger Dean and sleeve notes by Oliver Wakeman and the other being an expanded and redesigned Live In Lyon booklet.

Exclusive from the Burning Shed web store.

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Entry Last Updated on: 2/11/2020 10:30:00 AM by: Marc

CD1 - 
Studio Recordings

  1. To The Moment (6.09)
  2. Words on a Page (6.18)
  3. From the Turn of a Card (3.24)
  4. The Gift of Love (9.52)

CD2 - In The Present Live From Lyon

  1. Siberian Khatru
  2. I've Seen All Good People
  3. Tempus Fugit
  4. Onward
  5. Astral Traveller
  6. Yours Is No Disgrace
  7. And You and I
  8. Corkscrew (Acoustic Solo)
  9. Second Initial (Acoustic Solo)

CD3 - In The Present Live From Lyon

  1. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  2. South Side of the Sky
  3. Machine Messiah
  4. Heart of the Sunrise
  5. Roundabout
  6. Starship Trooper

Steve Howe
vocals, guitar

Chris Squire
bass, vocals

Benoît David

Oliver Wakeman

Alan White


Joe Comeau: guitar

Reviewed by Marc on 11 Feb 2020

For the last 10 years Yes have been a busy live band and I'm sure, making a lot of fans happy with their good renditions of songs they loved for decades. Yes have also put out  a bunch of live albums that I personnally find to be of little interest, but hey, some people may enyoy listening to these ''new'' performances of old songs by a goup of musicians trying to keep the legend alive.

They also put out one studio album of original material, Heaven &  Earth (2014), that disappointed many but, IMO, had its moments and is actually an enjoyable listening experience, especially now 6 years later and after Chris Squire's death. They followed that with Fly From Here - The Return Trip (2018), a partial reworking of the original with Trevor Horn on vocals, but his singing capacities (far from that of his Buggles/Drama days) made listening to this record a wasted hour of my precious time.

So now we get From A Page, featuring four previously unreleased studio tracks with Oliver Wakeman on keys and Benoit David on lead vocals. Being French Canadian I'm clearly not objective but to me, David was by far the best replacement lead vocalist with Yes, and the only one that did not actually try to sound like the iconic prog god vocalist. Also, I consider Geoff Downes to be an excellent keyboardist, but he never came close to sounding like Rick Wakeman (and never tried  I guess) and Wakeman's son, in that respect, is a closer match. This being said, the four ''new'' songs are some of the best I've heard from the band in quite a while, and I think that most Yes fans will enjoy them greatly.

Does this make From A Page a great album? No! Sadly, Yes, for whatever reason, have decided to make their fans pay big $ for this great music, limiting its distribution to a physical boxset that also includes the Live In Lyon concert, that I already own and never listen to. Why? because for this show Benoit David ''painfully'' tries to sound like Jon Anderson.

Hopefully Yes will eventually put out these four great songs in a format that will allow their fans to hear them without having to put out an extortionate amount of money. Do these guys need money so much that they have to suck it out from their most loyal fans?


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