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Boerderij - Official Bootleg [CD]

an Official Booleg release
Kaprekar's Constant

Release Year: 2018

Date Label Catalog # Comments
07 Dec 2018 CD, DIgital

Recorded at The Boerderij March 2018
Audio Mixed by Mike Westergaard

Less than a year after the debut album, Fate Outsmarts Desire, was released, Kaprekar's Constant found themselves on the international stage at the legendary Boerdirij in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, having been personally invited by Arie Verstegen to perform at the ProgDreams Festival.

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  1. Four Faced Liar - 4:43
  2. Pearl Of The Lake - 5:12
  3. Hallsands - 13:58

David Jackson

Dorie Jackson
Vocals, Bell

Bill Jefferson
Vocals, Guitar

Nick Jefferson
Bass, FX

George Mitchell

Al Nicholson

Mike Westergaard
Keys, Vocals